I’ve thought about creating a blog for several years now and finally decided to do it.  Why?  Not for personal gain…not for acknowledgement…but simply to help others gain knowledge in their quest of finding their ancestors.

Genealogy, for me, is like reading a mystery novel.  You dig into the first chapter (your current relatives…the one’s you’ve known your whole life) to establish who you are…the identity of the cast of characters in the novel.  As you read thru the chapters you start understanding the mystery and uncovering clues to finding out “Who did it”.  In Genealogy Research, finding out “The Butler did it” is all about finding who your Great Grandparents were…or where your family originated…or best of all, finding documents or photos that bring them to life for you.  Individuals that you may have heard about all your life, but never really understood their connection to you.  Or better yet…finding that one ancestor that nobody ever talked about…or the one you never knew existed.

Thru this blog I will share my personal journey of discovering who my family was (and still is) thru my eyes. The photos and images of documents will bring them to life and establish their identity for me, as well as you.  And I’ll be happy to tell you how I solved the mystery of each individual along the way.  Sharing links that might help other genealogist and families trace those elusive ancestors.

So…come join me on my quest…