WOW!!!  I’m in awe!  That’s the only way to describe last Saturday.  Sitting “Front Row Center” in front of one of the greatest genealogists in the world and listening to her share how she solves hundreds of genealogy mysteries each year…its like a dream come true.

Megan shared 4 separate programs with us at the Charlevoix Public Library last Saturday (April 27th). “Reverse Genealogy”, “Find That Obituary”, “Right Annie, Wrong Annie”, and “Cases That Made My Brain Hurt”…her four fast-paced, in-depth conversations with a room of about 50 genealogy “fanatics”. Her personality and excitement for each person that she has researched, her down-to-earth discussions of how she finds primary and secondary next of kin (P-NOK and S-NOK, for short) for the military so that the remains of our lost soldiers can be returned to families, and how she solved the mystery of Annie Moore, the first immigrant thru Ellis Island and how the “wrong” Annie Moore has been getting all the credit.

Future Blog postings will highlight some of the amazing information that Megan shared with us “Genies” (the term she used for avid genealogists), including links that might help you in your quest for your own “Right Annie”.